DIY Mint and Silver Tassel Garland

DIY Tassel Garland

Holiday season’s coming up, holiday seasons coming up, wooooo!

Okay so I know I completely skipped fall and went straight to the holiday season but it’s fine. My blog, my rules *evil snicker*

But first, confession time: I have kiind of a vested interest in today’s post. I’m helping plan a party of sorts (we’ll talk more about that some other time ;)) and I wanted to make some fun decor for it. Here’s where today’s post comes in! I made a pretty little tissue paper tassel garland to go on the party table or maybe it’ll even be part of a larger wall banner piece, let’s see.

This is just the beginning of party decor crafties, guys! I promise to show you what I have planned for this little soiree, but all in due time, all in due time.

Anyway, back to today’s craft baby.  I know tissue paper tassel garlands have been done to death by everyone and their mom, BUT:

> they’re still pretty

> super simple to make

> take party decor up a notch

> make for a fun weekend project

> and you can even put them up as decor for your kid’s room (or even your office, if you’re feeling super festive) after you’re done with the party!

Plussss, the best thing about this tutorial is that it’s really really easy to follow (thanks to lovely bloggers Jen and Jess from Linen, Lace, & Love whose steps I found wonderfully simple unlike some others that are out there) You can’t really reinvent the wheel, right? They made it really easy for me to make this tassel garland :)


So here’s what you need:

  • tissue paper, colors of your choice (the kind folks over at Jam Paper sent me a bunch to choose from! Thanks guys :)
  • twine about 4ft (or depending on how long you want your garland)
  • glue gun/tape
  • scissors


The how to:

Step 1: Lay out one sheet of tissue paper flat and fold down once lengthwise

Step 2: Fold once width-wise, then width-wise one more time

Step 3: Leaving about an inch from the top, make vertical cuts about 1/2″ apart as shown in the picture

Step 4: Unfold once width-wise, cut down the middle seam into two. Unfold each section and cut those down middle as well to get four sections

Step 5: Open each section, lay horizontal and roll up the middle, straightening the strands as you go. Twist the middle tight and glue or tape to form the tassel shape, leaving a small loop in the middle

Step 6: Repeat steps to create more tassels of all colors (I used a polka dotted gold paper from an old project and silver mylar paper) and string through the twine to create your garland

And that’s it! If you want you can hot glue/tape the tassels to the twine but I found that unnecessary as mine didn’t move around once I put it up on the wall. Once I got to making the tassels I was on a roll and didn’t stop until I had wayy more than I needed :D More garlands in store for meee!

So you guys go ahead and make some sparkly tassel garlands for your kid’s birthday party, a bridal shower, permanent nursery decor or spruce up a new year’s eve party, and share your projects with me on Instagram. Just tag them as #penniesforafortune so I can see! Leaving you with some more pictures.

DIY Tassel Garland DIY Tassel Garland DIY Tassel Garland

Until next time, folks!

Fariha ♥

8 thoughts on “DIY Mint and Silver Tassel Garland

  1. I totally love the ones I made for my dorm room! I added glitter tape to help connect the sides instead of just hot glue! I love the extra touch of glitter it adds! Thank you for sharing the fun project! Totally not a Pinterest fail!!

  2. I must be dumb because I am confused.. :(
    After you cut the slits at the bottom and unfold/cut you end up with 4 sections as shown in step 6 in pictures.. I get that you open each section and roll/twist, but does that SECTION make one tassel, or are all 4 sections used to make a tassel? A previous posted commented asking if each sheet of paper makes one tassel, and you responded yes, but I’m missing how those 4 sections come together to make one tassel. (Or if each section makes one tassel, which would mean that 1 sheet of tissue paper makes 4 tassels)
    Does this make sense? :-\ Sorry for the ramble!

    1. Hello Kailyn, I’m so sorry about the confusion! You’re absolutely right, one sheet of tissue paper makes FOUR tassels, not one. I made a mistake while replying to the previous comment :( There’s absolutely no need to apologize, I hope I’m not too late in responding.

      I’m gonna go ahead and fix the other response as well. Thanks for bringing this to my notice!

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