DIY Copper Pipe & Yarn Wall Hanging

 Here’s a simple, no-weave, DIY yarn wall hanging for you to make your walls pop. Get your favorite colors of yarn together, pick up a copper pipe, some string, and you’ve got yourself a gorgeous, on-trend piece of wall art to make in under an hour!


Have you ever walked past the yarn aisle in a craft store and wondered, ‘Look at those warm, fuzzy, yarn-babies. One day I want to do a project with them, but I don’t know how to knit :(‘ No? Well, I have! The yarn-babies (they literally are bundles of soft-fuzzy joy) have been calling out to me since ages now, and I would look at all these amazing blogger projects with yarn and find the weaving/knitting part way out of my league.

Then I discovered no-weave wall hangings with yarn. That, my friends, was a life-altering moment for me. It is the truth.

So today, we’re making yet another wall art project (if you missed my aztec wall banner, check it out here) which is super-duper easy and takes less than an hour to make! Oh, and it costs under $20. *woot woot*

You’ve probably figured out by now that I’m a liiittle bit obsessed with dressing up my walls. In my defense, we just moved to a new place and my office walls are really naked. Oh and we have a slightly gross shade of brown as our accent walls (thanks apartment community! You guys rock!) I don’t know how my friend/neighbor, Marzia made them work! She had the brown walls before and her place looked absolutely lovely. So, anyway, I need to do make these brown-poopie walls work, hence, the abundance of wall art-thingies in my life.



Now that we’ve got all the explanations out of the way, let’s jump right into what you need for this easy-peasy DIY yarn wall hanging:

Yarn in your favorite colors (you can get 3 or 4)

Copper Pipe (mine was 18″, you can get any size you like, or reclaim a branch from the yard!)



Wooden balls (optional)



Step 1: Cut your yarn into 24″ pieces (an easy way to do this is wrap several lengths of yarn the size you want the pieces to be, and then just cut through the loops at both ends) Start off with only a quarter of the yarn, you can always cut more if you need it

Step 2: Double your yarn piece to form a loop at one end, place under the copper pipe, and pass the bottom ends through the loop to make a knot.

Step 3: Continue tying the rest of the yarn pieces to the copper pipe, while keeping color in mind. You can follow my pattern or create your own stripes!

Step 4: Once you’re satisfied with your color placement and the amount of yarn, lay the wall hanging down and give it a trim! You can cut it in any shape you like, for e.g. an asymmetrical line or a flag shape.

Step 5: Pass your string through the copper pipe and cut it at a length you like. Tie it up and add those wooden balls at the end if you like.

That’s it, folks! Your yarn wall hanging is all set to sit pretty on your wall :) Like always, leaving you with some more eye candy from this project.

DIY-Yarn-Wall-Hanging-Final-6 DIY-Yarn-Wall-Hanging-Final-5 DIY-Yarn-Wall-Hanging-Final-2

DIY-Yarn-Wall-Hanging-Final-7 DIY-Yarn-Wall-Hanging-Final-8


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