20 min DIY Mod Podge Bowls

DIY-Mod-Podge-Bowls I’ve got another super simple, fun DIY project for you guys today – you’re gonna be thanking me when you want to give a quick home made present for Mother’s Day, a birthday – or go right ahead and make some for yourself! We’re taking plain old boring white bowls and jazzing them up with.. *drumroll please*… tissue paper!

Yes, you heard me, tissue paper. The kind you fill gift bags with.

Get a bunch of pretty ones from Target or your local dollar store if you like, pick up a bottle of dishwasher safe mod podge, a foam brush, and you’re all set! These gorgeous bowls will make for a unique present for a loved one – and I promise, you’re not spending more than 20 minutes on them. Oooh, you know what, you could make these bowls, and then fill up a gift bag with the same tissue paper to coordinate – how cute would that look!

I first saw this technique on ISpyDIY and it was love at first sight. She had made such beautiful mugs with this tissue paper and mod podge business, I just had to make something similar! I looked around for mugs that were plain-ish looking, reasonably priced but I didn’t have any luck with my local stores :( But then, lo and behold, I came across these minimalist bowls at World Market and they were really inexpensive too! Around $2 each after using a coupon. Armed with my white bowls and tissue papers in fun patterns and colors, I was all set to make some pretty mod podge bowls.

Ready for the how-to? Great! Here’s what you need:

DIY Mod Podge Bowls Things-Needed

– bowls (however many you want to make)

– Dishwasher Safe Mod Podge

– Small Foam Brush

– Tissue Papers (get whatever colors/patterns you like!)


Here’s what we’re gonna do:

– Tear up the tissue paper into random bits and pieces

– Apply the mod podge onto the bowl where you want to place the paper

– Apply the tissue paper piece where you put the glue on, press and smooth

– Go over that piece of paper with a thin layer of mod podge to seal it in

– Mix and match your papers and repeat process until you’re happy with your bowl

– Cover the bowl with a final layer of mod podge once you’re done

– Wait 24 hours before using bowl

diy-mod-podge-bowls-3 diy-mod-podge-bowls-2 diy-mod-podge-bowls mod podge-bowls

See how easy that was! You can use the same technique to dress up plain mugs, plates, glasses or whatever else you can get your hands on :D (okay that might not be such a great idea – don’t mod podge your baby)

On a separate note – these bowls deserve better pictures, guys :( One of these days I might re-picture them and replace the pictures. I can’t promise when, but one day.. one day.

Anyway, you go ahead and have fun with mod podge (I love this word, reminds me of hot fudge.. mmm) and I’ll head out for my routine Sunday walk with Hassaan. Follow me on Instagram to receive real-time updates on Pennies for a Fortune and my life in Houston by clicking here! To see what I’m pinning right now, follow my Pinterest page – I don’t disappoint :P

Until next time!

– Fariha ♥

25 thoughts on “20 min DIY Mod Podge Bowls

    1. Hi Becky, yes these bowls are dishwasher safe and if you seal them properly with mod podge (make sure it’s dishwasher safe mod podge) then the paper won’t come off. Each layer has to be sealed in separately as well. Hope that answers your question!

  1. I’ve been seeing some of these projects on Pinterest and never tried… but with these colors I think I will! Thank you Fariha! Amazing work!

    1. Eileen, that’s too kind of you! I really appreciate your enthusiasm and I hope you make these bowls – don’t forget to put a picture on Instagram and use the hashtag #penniesforafortune so I can see :) xx

  2. These are darling! I’m looking for something cool for my group of “challenged” kids to make for mother’s day. It’s so hard to find things that are easy for them and classy for the moms

  3. Would like to try this fabulous project with my granddaughters. Might it be necessary at some point after multiple cleanings in the dishwasher to reapply the Mod Podge?

    1. Hi Pat! I haven’t washed my bowls in the dishwasher multiple times yet, but I’m pretty sure they would last a whole while until reapplication would be necessary. I think a finishing coat of mod podge would be enough, however, you’ll be the best judge after multiple washes to see if another coat is needed or not :) remember to place the bowls in the top rack! Hope that helps :)

  4. These are beautiful! Where did you get this tissue paper from? I can’t find anything like it online or at target…

    1. Thanks! I got the tissue paper at target like moooonths ago so they probably won’t be available now :( you can check michaels or hobby lobby for similar patterns!

  5. Hello, Thanks for the details you gave. I could not find a good assortment of tissue paper,so I am going to try it with Paper Napkins. I found a wide, inexpensive assortment at Part City. The DollarTree will provide me with containers. Thanks again.

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