10-minute DIY Marble Art

DIY Marble Artwork

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Before you ask me where I’ve been for the past few months, let me just say, God I’ve missed my blog! I had the busiest past few months with my husband’s family in town and several short road trips and we still have a few mini vacations to follow! Pennies for a Fortune waited most patiently while my husband and I showed his family around Houston, New Orleans, and Chicago. I have to admit, I got kinda used to having people around and now that we’re back on our own again, it’s hard to get back into routine :( I had been delaying my first project for aaaages (stupid inertia) and now that I’ve set up the home office again (it made a very nice temporary 2nd bedroom) I literally have no more excuses.

So here I am, back on the blogosphere, ready to storm into some major DIY-ing.

On a side note – I’ve been lusting after a classic pair of black/nude rockstuds that I know have been done to death and are in every shoe crazy woman’s closet – BUT – I still love them and want them. Is it really worth saving up and adding these to your collection?

Enough digression, back to crafting.

For this super simple 10 minute DIY marble art, you will need a grand total of FOUR items:

  1. Watercolor paper
  2. Nail polish (any colors of your choice)
  3. Container (to store water, should be bigger than or the same size as your paper)
  4. Skewer/toothpick

DIY Marble Artwork


Step 1:

Fill the container with about one inch deep water and start pouring the first nail color verry close to the surface (if the bottle is the far away from the water surface the color will just dissipate). Pour your second and third colors near the first one.

Step 2:

Once you’ve laid down your colors on the water, take the skewer and run it through the colors to create the marbled effect. Play around until you’re happy with the marbling!

Step 3:

Take your water color paper and lay grainy side down on the marbled colors and gently lift it up from a corner to reveal the fun marbled art. Lay the paper flat to dry and then frame it up and enjoy!

The marbling and swirling part was so much fun – if you’re like me you’ll go through sheets of paper without realizing how many you’ve made! The best part about this 10-minute project is that you probably have most of the items sitting around at home and you get quick and easy minimalist wall art out of it. Win win!


Until next time, folks!

– Fariha ♥


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