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If you’re like me you don’t always plan ahead for gifts and are stuck with, dare I say it, re-gifting… *gasp*.. Admit it guys, we’ve all done it. Everyone’s had to pull out something from the closet (unused, of course!) for a last-minute gift, at one point or another. Well, today I’m teaching you a little trick and you’re never gonna have last minute present trouble! Mother’s Day is right around the corner and this pretty grocery store cake hack will make a wonderful personalized gift :)

I’ve had to take grocery store cakes to people’s homes before and I *really* don’t like how they look – some of them can be downright tacky. Well, we’re taking a generic, store-bought cake and turning it into a gourmet boutique cake! You’re not gonna spend more than fifteen minutes on it and the end result will be a definite show-stopper. All you need is fresh flowers, make sure they’re an edible kind (you don’t have to eat them but it’s nice if they’re edible) and are pesticide free. I got a bunch of roses at Whole Foods because they’re organic and pesticide-free. If you have some ribbon lying around the house you can use that to wrap around the bottom edge of the cake, but that’s totally optional.

cake hack

You know what the best part is, you don’t need any experience with frosting or cake decoration! I have never frosted a cake and I think mine turned out pretty decent :) Use a knife to remove the stuff on the cake you buy, smooth out the top with a butter knife, and either leave the rest of the frosting as is or you can do what I did – make rustic peaks and ridges using my butter knife. Again, no experience needed there, this was my first time making those fun strokes, I almost didn’t wanna stop!

cake hack

Once your frosting is smoothed out at the top, take your fresh flowers and arrange them however you like, just press them down a little so they hold. I tried it two ways, first I covered the top with whole flowers and then decided to do a different look as well. I started with one rose in the center and then arranged petals around it to look like one big flower with scattered leaves in between gaps. Have fun with this part! There are sooo many pretty looks out there you could try. I wish my local store had pink peonies, that’s what I initially wanted to use :(

Anyway, I’m leaving you with lots of pictures from this super simple grocery store cake hack. Ooh just realized this hack would also be great for a bridal shower or any house party for that matter. Let me know what you think!

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Until next time,

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