Holiday Travel and my top 3 Hospitality Items

Hello Hello – It’s finally cold in H-town, you guys!!!! Cold for us Southerners is when it hits the 50’s (if not the 60’s!) So I bragged about our weather on my family group chat and my brother in Chicago just ended the conversation right there with a picture of his snow covered backyard. Poor old Houston :( In our defense, we did get some hail last year which resulted in all schools being shut down for our “snow day” :P Anyway, I’m just loving the warm fuzzy socks, late night hot chocolate with hubby, cozy knits, and the pretty holiday lights everywhere :)

Are any of you guys traveling this holiday season? I feel like I’ve traveled so much this year I’ve got the whole thing down to a set routine. I know what my travel essentials are, I know what I can and can’t live without at a hotel and also what I’d like for the hotel to provide in terms of amenities! Recently, the folks over at Fairmont Hotels and Resorts reached out to me to ask about my travel essentials and hospitality items I’d like to see their hotels provide (the West coast ones in specific). How thoughtful of them to want to know what their customers want! Final-Travel-Essentials

So here’s what my travel essentials are:

  • Hairdryer: Okay so this one is a quirk of mine. Don’t laugh. So… I like to keep my faithful hair dryer next to me ON MY NIGHTSTAND. Why, you ask? Well, before turning in every night, I kind of warm up my sheets while I’m tucked in with my hairdryer! It’s sooo addicting. Especially in the colder months when your bed gets cold the second you leave and come back – the hairdryer really is my savior then. Even if the idea of warm sheets doesn’t appeal to you (what’s wrong with you!!) you can still pack your hairdryer for a weekend getaway cause who wants to use the crappy hotel dryers that just won’t dry your hair! If you have thick hair like i do, trust me, you just can’t use those little guys.
  • Midnight Snacks: I don’t know about you, but when I’m sleeping at a new place, I tend to wake up in the middle of the night sometimes and reach for a snack on my nightstand (it’s just comforting for some reason. that, or I’m just hungry all the time, lol) I’ve learned to keep my favorite snacks with me whenever I travel because a) hotel mini bars are way too freaking expensive ($10 for a bag of peanuts?!) and b) they don’t always have snacks for picky ol’ me.

And now for my top 3 hospitality items:

  • Fruit and Cheese basket: For the Fairmont Sonoma Mission and Spa, it would be super nice if they could highlight Sonoma’s top attraction, the gorgeous vineyards, by setting out a complimentary fruit and cheese basket for guest rooms. I’m thinking a small but nice collection of local cheeses and some luscious grapes and other local fruit to pair them with.
  • Sampling of Spa Products: This one’s specific to the Claremont Hotel Club & Spa. Being a AAA Four Diamond resort and spa, they could give out a sample set of their most popular spa products – some massage oils, a small aromatherapy candle and some nice bath & body product that would give guests a sneak preview of their spa facilities!
  • Decent Face Wash: Okay so this one’s for all hotels. Everyone just needs to provide decent quality facewash (I don’t even mind a sample sized Cetaphil or something!). I don’t know about you but I hate transferring my face wash into travel sized containers for just a weekend, especially since I like traveling as light as possible. I always end up having to buy a travel sized face wash whenever I reach my destination and it would just be wonderful if the hotel could provide a small bottle!

What are your travel essentials and top hospitality items you’d like to see at hotels? Drop in a line! Also, if you’re planning a trip to the West coast soon, check out my LA travel tips post :) Until next time, folks! – Fariha ♥

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