Gender Neutral Baby Shower and some catching up

Dear All,

I’ve been away from the blogosphere for what seems like an eternity. Lots has happened between now and my last post. Let’s see:

  •  I was very very pregnant with our first baby :)
  •  Hassaan and I moved into our first house in December – if you’re planning on a big move in your last trimester, learn from me and DON’T do that to yourself! No matter how much help you have, just the mental agony of a move on top of raging hormones makes it ten times worse :/
  • As if that wasn’t enough, I helped throw my baby shower in the very same house with my besties (the control freak in me does not care for tradition!) At least that way we pretty much got the first floor of our house done (to a reasonable degree).
  • My parents flew in for the big D-day. Thank god for parents, right? I got a breather and my darling mom literally took control of the house while I got some much needed tlc
  • Baby Zaki surprised us and came in a couple weeks early! Sweetest of sweets.
  • My sister-in-law joined us a week after Zaki’s birth and the party was just getting started!
  • My brothers and their families flew in from Chicago and Saudi Arabia to meet their little nephew and that one week was the busiest and most fun our house has ever seen. Nine adults and six children, food being cooked/ordered round the clock, shopping trips sneaked in without the kids, grandparents and siblings, late night, bleary-eyed (six kids, remember?) family time and so much more.

So that’s what’s been up for the past couple of months  and here I am, trying once again to get back into blogging. Wish me luck, guys!

I know it’s tradition for your best friend(s) to throw you a baby shower, but me being my control freak self, wanted to be super involved in the affair. I told my bffs that I wanted to the decor myself and wanted it at my house (so I could set everything up to my liking! see what I mean?) I had a pinterest board going and was pretty much set on mint, gold, and white/silver for the colors – perfect gender neutral baby shower colors imo. We decided on a brunch menu and the two hosts planned the quintessential baby shower games – can’t be a party without them!

I found these gorgeous tissue paper flowers on pinterest and followed on to a lovely blog called Atiliay for the tutorial. For the favors I had Lavender and Rose bath salts in mini mason jars that I had spray painted gold and attached a note with.

Here are pictures from the event and resources below! Let me know what you think, I’d love to hear from you guys :)

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Giant tissue paper flowers – DIY project, courtesy Atiliay

Tassel garland – tutorial here

Gold star balloon banner – found at Target on clearance for like a dollar!

Polka dot straws with Mint flags – DIY project with washi tape and straws from Michaels

Little Man banner – DIY project, craft paper from Michaels

Mint and Gold flower vases – DIY project with assorted bottles and spray paint

Bottle Labels – ShowerThatBaby Etsy shop

Welcome Signage – JanePaperie Etsy shop

Favors Signage – CharmingEndeavours Etsy shop

Food Labels – World Label, free download


Pasta Amore, Cafe Express

Assorted Breakfast Tacos, Cafe Express

Hot Caramelized Onion and Gruyere Dip, recipe Little Spice Jar

Mini Cheese and Spinach Quiche, recipe Food Network

Muffins & Croissants with assorted preserves

Walnut Fudge Brownies, courtesy a lovely friend :)

Caramel and Pretzel Filled Vanilla Cake with a white buttercream frosting, bff Marzia got this beautiful and absolutely delicious cake made from SmallCakes. We got it made completely plain and added fresh rosemary and white roses to it at home. Super simple and elegant. 

Blue Lemonade, courtesy Marzia from Little Spice Jar

Coffee Station, The Daily Brew

I hope I haven’t missed out anything! We saved a bunch of money by DIY-ing the decor and making some food at home and only outsourcing some of it. So if you’re planning on hosting a gender neutral baby shower, here’s your best bet:

Keep it simple. Make your own decor, try to get your friends to pitch in with the food, get a bunch of fresh flowers and use as centerpieces in vases you already have, and don’t get stuck on very specific themes so you’re not wasting time and money getting shabby chic teddy bear plates and labels. (that’s a weird theme anyway. don’t go there)

Hope you enjoyed the pictures! I promise next time I’ll try putting together a fun and easy tutorial for you guys :)

-Until then,

Fariha ♥



6 thoughts on “Gender Neutral Baby Shower and some catching up

  1. Omg totally love love love it!!! And it is just so beautiful. Very I must say ‘pinterest’ type:) not the paindu baby shower:D and done just so beautifully mashallah.

  2. Hi Fariha! Your shower is beautiful and you did an amazing job! I am happy you found my tutorial for the flowers–they are some of the my favorite things to make! Congratulations on your little man who is on the way :) -Olivia

    1. Thank you! I had so much fun making them! The little man is actually here and is three months old already. I was just lazing around postpartum before blogging again :p

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