Five Minute Copper Coil Sculpture Tutorial



Got five minutes? Yes? Cool. You’re making this nifty copper pipe sculpture with me!

Holding you hostage until you grab a soft copper pipe from Lowe’s and sit down with me to make this cutie. Loljk.

But seriously, this was a little too fast even for my lazy crafter self. It all started on a lazy Sunday afternoon when I was staring at putting away some leftover copper pipe from the yarn wall hanging I made (check it out here) And I don’t know why, but I had this sudden urge to wrestle with the guy until, five minutes in, I had accidentally made a pretty little copper sculpture!

Turns out, this is actually a thing. I saw someone else had also made this copper pipe sculpture, so I wasn’t the only crazy out there! A little validation is always good, right?

Back to copper sculpture guy – he (I’m sorry but I have to attach genders to objects, don’t ask why :$) was just waiting to be made, I just had to take my soft copper pipe and bend it a couple of times until it took *some* sort of form I liked. At one point I think I went to far and it just started to look too much like rabbit’s ears so I had to go back a couple steps to make it look human (?) again.

Folks, that’s all I have to say about this five minute, created out of boredom, DIY copper pipe sculpture. He has found its home on a fat stack of books in our living room, and is sitting there happily as we speak.


Copper Coil Sculpture

Completely off topic, but I can smell cardamom and toasted pistachios in the air – just baked (and I *loathe* baking, more on that later) this pistachio cardamom pound cake and it’s calling me now! That heavenly smell is really distracting, enough to make me cut this post short.

*runs to kitchen*

Until next time (while shoving fistfuls of cake in mouth),

Fariha ♥

9 thoughts on “Five Minute Copper Coil Sculpture Tutorial

    1. Hi Lauren! It’s actually been so long since I made this that I can’t remember the exact length of the pipe. It came in a cardboard box at lowes and it was the smallest size they had. Hope that helps!

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