Home Progress: Dining Room Update

Hi! Do you still remember me? I’m the girl who used to craft and talk about home stuff and then had a baby and disappeared off the face of this earth! It’s okay, don’t feel bad for me, it just feels like I’ve been on a really long vacation, except this vacation meant zero R&R   But here I am, after a hard fought first year of motherhood, with all its highest highs and lowest lows (post partum depression is real, y’all!),  trying to get back into something I enjoy doing.

It’s cool, we’ll take it one step at a time.

Let’s start with something easy, shall we? I’ll show you around parts of my house and talk a little about them, share sources, you know the drill. Here’s the catch – they’re not all perfect (what even is perfect, anyway?) and the way I’d like them to be but this is just an update on what I’ve pulled together so far without taking on any big house projects. Initially, I had wanted to wait until I finished decorating/furnishing the house before putting pictures up, but if I were to wait until then, I’d likely put nothing out there.

So here it is guys, an update on one little part of my house, hopefully, to be followed by more *fingers crossed*

Dining Room decor

By now we all know how much I like mixing style elements, amiright? So in the dining area, I wanted a little bit of farmhouse with some mid-century modern thrown in, and some gold accents to glam it up a notch. A solely rustic or farmhouse look would have been too boring for my taste, plus I’d find it hard to keep up with the look throughout the rest of the house.

Before we even moved into our home, I had purchased my dining table – I got a reeeally good deal at World Market and it was a rustic farmhouse table which my friend and I both ordered cause we loved it so much.  Next, I chose a simple beige tufted chair for the side chairs and two larger chairs with a nail head trim and patterned back for the captain chairs.

For the longest time that was IT. Here’s a lesson: when buying your first house, please set aside a nice big dollar amount for furnishing said house, otherwise you’ll be stuck with a half empty room for the better part of the year  You know me, I always do things on a tight budget so I’m still waiting to switch out the chandelier, which I know is gonna make a huge difference to the space. And hopefully, some day in the near future, we can repaint the interior to a light dove grey (the current wall color almost looks emoji yellow).

Anyway, enjoy the rest of the pictures and let me know what you think! Sources are listed at the end of the post.

Until next time,

Fariha ♥

Dining Room
Area opposite dining table, which is part of the entryway where we have baby sheep and dying plant. Thankfully we don’t treat our babies like our plants.
Dining Room
See what I mean about the light fixture? it needs to go ASAP.
Dining Room 3
Look at how the different wood tones work together here. Work it baby, work it. They better be working.

Dining Room Vignette

Look at those sad old books reduced to accent pieces. How demeaning. Decor: 1 Books: 0

Dining Room Artwork
sorry about the crooked picture! I was too lazy to take another one. kthanksbye.



Dining Table: World Market (similar but not the same)

Side Chairs: Target

Captain Chairs: World Market

Rug: Rugs USA in 10×14

Buffet: West Elm

Mirror: Target (a West Elm knock-off for a fraction of the price)

Artwork: Got my own watercolor pieces custom framed at Michaels

Curtains: West Elm

Wood tray, Gold Candlestands, White Vase: West Elm

5 thoughts on “Home Progress: Dining Room Update

  1. I love your posts!
    And honestly to a not-so-arty person like myself……ur home or rather part of it looks taste savvy.promise.
    And loving the blend of woods.very testy,but working out real fine.
    You go girl!
    Xx Aliza.

  2. Fariha, glad to see you up and posting again! The room looks lovely and I am sure the rest of the house is too. Happy decorating!

  3. I was eyeing those frames and going to ask where you got them! Still need to put your artwork up! Maybe I’ll try custom framing if I can’t find anything in the near future…it’s too pretty to keep in the closet!

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