Decor Secrets: Mixing Textures and Patterns

Hey Guys! I know I know, it’s been aaages, I’ve been slacking and I know it :( I have some exciting stuff coming your way soon; hint: sun and surf! Until then, we’re looking at some fab decor and examples of how to bring in texture and pattern to a space.

A well-designed space, in my opinion, should always have a variety of textures and  some pattern thrown in to give it character. Imagine a room with all white furniture, all in the same kind of wood, with nothing to break the monotony – Bo-ring. Just thinking about the space is making me fall asleep!  Now take the same room, keep a couple of pieces the same and then add in maybe a wicker chair, a gilded accent table, a pop of color here and there, and a rug to tie in all the pieces together. Vague, but you get the basic idea of mixing textures and patterns, right? To help you understand this decorating basic, I wanted to share some of my favorite examples of adding in texture and pattern to a space or even a small arrangement. Enjoy!

Image courtesy The Vault Files

I can pick out at least five different textures and three different patterns here and they all come together to make this lovely space.  Can you spot all ten?

texture and pattern
Image courtesy Earnest Home Co.

This is one of my favorites from this roundup. I love how the rough jute basket looks against the clear acrylic console. Add in some wood to match the mood, a couple of gold accents and we’ve got ourselves a stunning vignette that’s relatively monotone but definitely not boring!

textures and patterns
Image courtesy Plant Hunting

So much color but done so well! If it weren’t for the wicker chair and the green of a cacti, this room would have the potential of being a hot mess – but this is what carefully added contrasting elements and stabilizing colors can do – make a bright and colorful space look amazing without being an eyesore! Notice how the patterns don’t repeat. The baskets on the wall, the throw cushions and the rug all resonate similar colors but don’t echo the same pattern.  Don’t get me wrong, symmetry is always pleasing and I love using symmetry in design, however, overdoing it can make the look boring.

Alright guys, I’m leaving  you with a little mood board I put together for this post, links are below the image.  If you like it, pin it! :)

Rug, West Elm; Throw Pillow, Crate & Barrel; Chair, West Elm; Accent Table, Target; Kerr Vase, Crate & Barrel; Holden Vase, Crate & Barrel

Until next time!

– Fariha ♥


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