Cooking class collab with Little Spice Jar! – Pictures and Updates

cooking-class-9 cooking-class-3 So remember how my neighbor Marzia (author of Little Spice Jar) and I are buddies for life and share a deep passion for food? (I mostly do the eating part) Well, our apartment has monthly events like brunch, seasonal activities, cooking classes, among other things – and the funny thing is, we actually met at one of these events, Marzia was instructing a cooking class and I fell head over heels for her amazing food (she isn’t so bad herself :P) And about a month ago, the events organizer approached us for another cooking class – this time she wanted both of us to instruct. Super exciting!

All through last month, frantic calls were made to mum and mother-in-law: ‘what do I make, mom? Pakistani food? or will that just end up giving people heartburn for days? Dessert? everyone likes dessert. A cake? I HATE BAKING IT MAKES ME CRY’ . The discussion went on for days until it was finally down to a pistachio cardamom cake (inspired by Hassaan’s grandmother’s baking) and a Moroccan lentil and beef soup. I realized that baking just stresses me out and the soup was something that fit more naturally to my cooking style.

So yesterday was the class and it went reeally well – everyone LOVED the soup! People went for seconds and even thirds! I was just glad people showed up haha. Marzia made this amazing Nutella filled pound cake and that went super fast. I think I had about four giant slices myself, annnd I got some to take home :D

Anyway, I’m leaving you guys with some pictures from the class which my husband took (our very own event photographer :)). Tell me how your weekend went and let me know if you want to see more food related things on the blog! The recipe will be up soon :)

cooking-class-8 cooking-class-6 cooking-class-10 cooking-class-11 cooking-class-5 cooking-class-4

Until next time,

– Fariha ♥

p.s. Pakistani food is ah-mazing, guys, you will learn to love the accompanying heartburn. In fact, we’ve already made plans for our next class and we’re making Pakistani/Indian food as requested by everyone!

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  1. just found your blog and i love it! stumbled on it by looking at the gold spray paint lamps and then cannot stop reading the rest……! love this!


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