Aztec Inspired DIY Wall Banner

Before we  jump into today’s post, I have a teeny tiny request for all you lovely readers. I’m fairly new at Pinterest (blasphemy!) and I need some love to keep it going. I would *really* appreciate if you would take a minute and follow me on Pinterest by clicking this link, and in return, you will get all my awesome pins right on your daily feed! Enough digression, let’s talk about this stunning wall hanging I’ve got for you.

DIY Wall banner DIY Wall banner

You guys! I have this amaaazing DIY project for you which is as simple as cake (or eating cake. Take your pick) and it makes a great addition to your gallery wall, or you can use it to add character to a plain ol’ boring wall. The great thing is you don’t have to use the same black and white Aztec pattern as mine, you can use any pattern or color you like! I first saw this simple DIY wall banner here and it was love at first sight. I was totally smitten by the clean, modern design, the simplicity of the tutorial, and the fact that it can practically go on any wall of your house!

Still not convinced? *deep breath*

Okay, so you know how I’m really picky about my DIY/craft projects (read all about it here)? This little woven wall hanging passes all the tests with flying colors! And the best part is, there’s no weaving involved! Here are some more reasons for all the cynics out there:

>> this tutorial is super-duper easy and I was done with the *entire* project in twenty minutes (not kidding, you guys!)

>> you need a grand total of FOUR things to make this beautiful woven wall hanging!

>> or if you have an old placemat you want to use, this project can be done with *three* things

>> the total project cost was around..  *drumroll please*… $10! It’ll be even lower if you repurpose things from around the house!

There you have it. I’ve got your next craft party all sorted for you. Thank you very much!

Things needed DIY Wall hanging

So here’s what you need:

>> Place mat (use an old one or buy one you like, I got mine at Target)

>> Wooden dowel (you can find this at any craft store, or at a Lowes, or be resourceful and use a stick from a small flag!)

>> Liquid Stitch (or any other fabric glue will work)

>> Leather string (or use any cotton/nylon string if you like)

DIY Wall hanging DIY Woven wall banner

Step 1:

Lay your placemat right side facing down and fold the bottom corners in a triangle shape to make a flag. Before gluing the fabric together make sure you’re happy with your flag shape. Once you’re sure you have your shape (triangle) right, use liquid stitch to glue the flag shape in place.

DIY Wall banner DIY wall hanging

Step 2:

Now we’re going to work on the top portion of the banner where the wooden dowel goes. Leave a little more than half an inch from the top and position it in the center. Use the liquid stitch to glue it into place and wrap the top part of the placemat onto the dowel. Feel free to go a little crazy with the glue! (even if it oozes out it doesn’t matter because this side will go on the back anyway) You can put some weight on this part now so it doesn’t come undone. I used my shiny pair of scissors :)

DIY Wall hanging

Step 3:

Take your string and tie it around one end of the dowel and play with it until you’re happy with how it looks. I really like the whole untidy knot look. Secure the knot and move over to the next side. See how long you want the string to hang, I left mine about as long as the banner, and then make the same knot on the other side.

These are all the steps, guys! That’s all there is to this gorgeous woven wall hanging! You can go ahead and put it up next to a cozy arm chair, or add it to an existing collection of frames or make another one and hang them together!

DIY wall hanging

Until next time, folks!

– Fariha ♥

When you make this wall hanging be sure to photograph it and tag it under #PenniesforaFortune so I can see it! 


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      1. Oooh I just peeked into your lovely blog and I noticed we have the same black and white rug from Ikea :D I’m getting kiind of tired of mine (we’ve also dirtied it up quite a bit lol)

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