Hello and welcome to Pennies for a Fortune! Come on in and have a nice cup of tea, or chai, if you will, and unwind with me while I talk about life and all things lovely.

While you’re here, let me introduce myself – I’m Fariha, an artist by education, doting wife to a fabulous husband, foodie by passion, and a loving aunt to five cuties. I thoroughly enjoy good design, and often find myself dreaming about handbags. *sigh*

I come from Karachi, Pakistan, and that city will always hold a special place in my heart. In the winter of 2013 I packed my bags and joined my husband Hassaan in Houston, TX.

A new city to explore, friends to be made, life to be loved.

Here I am, almost two years into the good ol’ Southern life, and I find myself loving it more each day. I have my own little apartment to play around with, great friends to spend my weekends with, and a nerdy but totally cute husband to share my days with :)

Join me here on Pennies for a Fortune as I share my adventures in decorating, arts & crafts and our life in Houston!

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